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SKY MIRROR CALENDER www.skymirrorworld.com (016 223 4788)

Sky Mirror @ Mystery Island
2 ways Return journey with Boat
Tour Guide Along the journey

Props will be provided for photo shooting,(u may bring your own props if you wished to)

**Please prepare yourself with hat or cap,umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, towel and slippers.
**Dress yourself with colourful outfit, long-sleeve top and short pants are  
**preferable. Prepare another set of outfit just in case you have too much fun in the water.
**After come back jetty, if you want to bath at our terminal washroom, kindly bring your own showergel.
**Standby coat or scarf if you are afraid of cold.
**Do not smoke on boat or on the beach during the tour.
**Please help keep the natural in safe.
**The marine life is supposed to keep on the shoal, not to take away. Do not litter.
**Please help us to keep the beach clean. Take away any rubbish you found on the beach.

Departure time will be change follow the during tide. We'll inform you before.
>>>Time departure
>Lunar 1st and 15th : 8am
>Before Lunar 1st and 15th: 7am-7.30am
>After Lunar 1st and 15th extend 30min per day .
***** Please ensure be punctual for meeting and boarding time, Any late and delay ticket price
will not be funded or allowed for replacement other date, boat will be sail after 15minutes maximum delay only****